Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zindagi Se.........(for someone special)......

Zindagi se chura ke
Zindagi mein basa ke
Zindagaani banaya hai tujhe

After stealing you from life
And residing you in my life
I have made you life

Roothe rab ko mana ke
Aasmaan ko jhuka ke
Zindagaani banaya hai tujhe

After convincing the angry lord
And lowering the sky
 I have made you life

Tu mila jis tarah saba mile
Tu mila jis tarah sila mile
Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile bakhuda

I have got you like the morning breeze
I have got you like the conclusion
I have got you like a prayer, oh god!

Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya
Tu mila mukammal main ho gaya
Tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda

When I got you, it's like i lived
When i got you, i become complete
When i got you, a light spread, oh god!

Mehfoos tu mehsoos kar
Tere paas hoon main sada
Tujhse nahi ho sakta main
oal bhar bhi ab judaa

Feel safe for
I am always with you
I can't separate from you
Even for a moment

Ab saath hain hum iss tarah
Aankhon ke sang palkein
Aa waqt ko yeh baat hum
Ik baar phir se keh dein

Now we are together
Like eyes with eyelids
Let's rell this to the time once again

Saare gham se chupa ke
Har nazar se bacha ke
Zindagaani banaya hai tujhe

Saving you from grief,
protecting you from every eye
I have got you

Baahon mein aa ho jaayenge
Shikve sabhi khud fanaa
Honthon se main tujhko suno
Aankhon se tu kuch suna

Come in my arms
All comlains
Shall be finished on their own
I listen your lips
Say something from your eyes

Tu aks hai main aayina
Phir kya hai sochna
Ik doosre mein kho ke hai
Ik doosre ke paane

You are a shadow while i am the mirror
Then what there is to think
We have to attain each other by
Getting lost in each other

Kismaton ko jaga ke
Har jahaan ko hara ake
Zindagaani banaya hai tujhe

Waking my destiny 
And defeating every world
I have attained you








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