Monday, August 30, 2010

My thoughts about life

I thought to put my first post about what i'm thinking about life.These thoughts will be different to one by one.
when i think about life firstly i remember how hard to born as a much merit we need to born as human. 
do we know it??? or can we measure it??
i also haven't clear idea about that.because we don't think about that topic much.

when we live as human we need civilization from that we become different from beasts.we have feelings love,affections,sympathy,confidence,happiness,sadness more and more.feelings give life to liveliness.
i think we need feelings and troubles then we can feel life and how to handle life.but everything must have limit.
feelings or troubles or anything must have limit.we don't need to overcome limit and fill life with miserable things.

I like the way lordbuddha saw life.
one day a ascetic asked from lordbuddha do u feel happy in life?
answer was; no, for what reason do i feel happy?
then ascetic asked like this.
do u feel sad in life?
answer was;no,for what reason do i feel sad?
so no sad no happy in life and satisfy with what we have in life.that's what we need to practice for better living.

At last i have to say this is the way i see life.actually i can't express all my ideas these are small piece of those.
we all have our own ideas about it's better be the person yourself want to be.then u can find satisfaction in life.



  1. life life life..................every where life bt who knows the value of it ,,,,,,,,,,,, If someone understand abt life he will succeed his rest of other things

  2. Need to laugh,need to cry.if we enjoy it in a polite manner,that's called simple life/living.